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11 Ideas for a Special Memorial Service

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There are many options today for personalizing a memorial service and making it truly unique, special, and memorable. At Loyless, we focus on "Farewells Done Well," and all of our funeral directors are also certified Life Celebrants, so we can help plan an event to remember. 


Download or print 11 Ideas for a Special Memorial Service



  1. Life Tribute Videos. Honor your loved one’s life with a one-of-a-kind tribute video. These customized DVDs combine family photographs, special effects and any music of your choice to create a meaningful keepsake. You can share the video at your loved one’s visitation or memorial service and hand out copies of the DVD to guests after the service.
  2. Photo & Memento Displays. Put your loved one’s life on display at the memorial service. Whether you choose to feature photo collages, special memorabilia, collectibles, medals or trophies, this is a unique way to commemorate a life well lived.
  3. Special Music. Many families choose to personalize their loved one’s memorial service with their favorite tunes—whether that may be Frank Sinatra, the Rolling Stones or anything in between. You could also arrange to have a violinist, bagpipe player, pianist or singer perform at the service.
  4. Dove or Butterfly Release. Take your loved one’s memorial service to new heights with a dove or butterfly release. This is a beautifully symbolic way to “release” your pain and sadness and begin your journey to healing.
  5. Candlelight Ceremony. Keep your loved one’s memory burning brightly with a candlelight ceremony during the memorial service. This ceremony can be accompanied by prayer, music or reflection.
  6. Champagne Toast. Here’s to a life well lived! There’s no rule that says memorial services have to be somber. In fact, more families are choosing to hold life celebrations in lieu of the traditional funeral. While you’re celebrating, why not pop open some bubbly and toast to your loved one’s wonderful life?
  7. Sunset Cruise. Was your loved one was a boating enthusiast, avid fisherman or just a lover of the sea? A sunset cruise might be the perfect setting for his memorial service. Set sail and bid bon voyage your loved one. If he chose cremation, you may also choose to scatter his ashes at sea.
  8. Open Mic. Offer an “open mic” during or after the memorial service when family and friends can share their favorite memories and funny stories about your loved one. This not only offers plenty of comic relief, but it can also be extremely therapeutic for friends and family.
  9. Memorial Tree Seedlings. Was your loved one a nature-lover? Consider giving out memorial tree seedlings to guests to plant in honor of your loved one. This is a beautiful way to make sure your loved one’s memory takes root and lives on.
  10. Reception. After the memorial service, you may choose to hold a reception complete with plenty of comfort foods, delicious desserts and perhaps a few cocktails. Whether you choose to hold your reception at a nearby banquet center, a restaurant or someone’s home, this gives friends and family an opportunity to gather and commiserate in a casual environment.
  11. Pick a Theme. Was your loved one a rabid Yankees fan, a talented artist or an avid fisherman? If she was passionate about a particular hobby, movie or team, you might consider making this the theme of the memorial service. Customize the service with special decorations, colors, photos and food that reflects your loved one’s passion!


Download or print 11 Ideas for a Special Memorial Service