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Common Questions

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We’ve provided a list of answers to questions we frequently receive regarding our services and other activities related to funerals. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us for more information. 



Q: Why choose Loyless Funeral Home?


A: Because every life deserves celebrating, Loyless Funeral Home strives to meet the needs of families by maintaining affordable pricing and providing quality service while offering a convenient variety of traditional, contemporary, and basic burial and cremation options.


Our promise is to provide helpful professional guidance and resources designed to encourage family and friends to interact in a comfortable atmosphere.


Grief is an important step on the road to adjusting to life without a treasured loved one. Our efforts strive to make your journey through grief less lonely and perhaps a little easier.


As one of the few independently owned and operated funeral homes in the Tampa Bay area, Loyless Funeral Home specializes in creating meaningful tributes customized to reflect each unique life lived. Discover the difference with our truly personalized funeral services.


Loyless Funeral Home also owns and operates its own crematory. What does this mean for you?  It means our highly trained staff will oversee the complete cremation process.



Q: Don’t all funeral homes have a crematory?


A:  No, they don’t. Many funeral homes subcontract cremations with third-party providers. When you choose Loyless Funeral Home, your loved one never leaves the care of our professional staff, because we own and operate our own crematory.



Q: Who owns Loyless Funeral Home? Isn’t it some big conglomerate?


A: Loyless Funeral Home is family owned and operated, as it has been since it was founded in 1994. John Loyless, a licensed funeral director, owns and operates the business. He grew up in Brandon and lives in New Tampa. He assists families every day and attends many services himself. His wife, Starr, works for the business as the company’s bookkeeper and his daughter Brittni is enrolled in mortuary school.



Q:  What does a traditional funeral include?


A:  A traditional funeral includes a visitation and a funeral or memorial service the following day at the funeral home, church, or both, followed by a procession to the cemetery for the committal service.



Q: What’s the difference between a visitation, a funeral service, and a memorial service?


A: A viewing is the opportunity for family and close friends to witness the body of their deceased loved one, allowing personal comforting and providing a sense of closure. A viewing may also be a private viewing for immediate family only. A visitation offers friends the chance to provide their condolences to the family outside of the formal service. This may or may not be combined with a viewing; the body may or may not be present. If it is, the casket may be opened or closed, based upon the family’s wishes.


The only difference between a funeral service and a memorial service is that the body is present at a funeral service while it is not present at a memorial service. These services bring together friends and family in mutual support at a time when it is most needed. This ritual is as meaningful as a baptism or wedding, helping loves ones attain a sense of closure and acceptance and move ahead with their lives following the loss.



Q: Can you have a funeral with a cremation?


A: Yes. When a full funeral is desired, the body may be present for the funeral service and cremated afterwards. In these cases, Loyless Funeral Home offers rental caskets so that a casket need not be purchased. This is not the case at all funeral homes, so make sure to ask.


A funeral without a body, or with cremated remains, is a memorial service. We provide the same variety of service options and personal touches for cremations that we offer with traditional burials. 


Our expert staff can help you arrange a meaningful service to be held before or after the cremation—whether it’s an intimate gathering, a large memorial service or a unique life celebration ceremony. All of our licensed funeral directors are also certified Celebrants, so they are trained to be able to make your service unique to you.




Q: Can you provide a minister, priest, rabbi or other clergy for the funeral service?


A: Yes. Whether you have a church affiliation or not, we can provide clergy for any type of funeral service requested. Also, all of our licensed funeral directors are certified Celebrants, so they are trained to be able to make your service unique to you.



Q: What if we are not religious and don’t want a religious service, but still want some kind of ceremony or a Celebration of Life?


A: We can help. Funeral services can be as unique as the person being honored. We can help tailor the service for whatever your preferences may be, religious or not. All of our licensed funeral directors are also certified Celebrants, so they are trained to be able to make your service unique to you.



Q: What does a traditional funeral cost?


A: It varies. The cost for a traditional funeral varies widely based upon types of services used and merchandise selected. All funeral homes publish a General Price List so that you may compare prices fairly and select a funeral home that meets your needs. But, unlike many of our competitors, Loyless Funeral Home’s price list is published right on our website so anyone can view it any time.



Q: What options are available for making a service unique?


A: The options are limitless! At Loyless Funeral Home, we specialize in creating meaningful funerals and memorial services that reflect each unique life lived. We offer a variety of traditional, contemporary and basic burial options for both casket burials and cremation/urn burials.  Some of the customization options we offer include memory tables, memento displays, special music, photograph arrangements, DVD tributes, Life Celebration ceremonies, and much more. All of our licensed funeral directors are certified Celebrants, so they are trained to be able to make your service unique to you.



Q: Can you personalize a church or chapel service? A cremation service?


A:  Absolutely. Regardless of the size or type of service—whether it’s a traditional burial, cremation, church or chapel service—we will help you add these personal touches to create a truly meaningful experience. 


No matter what type of burial service you choose, our expert staff will provide professional guidance and resources designed to encourage your family and friends to celebrate your loved one’s life in a truly meaningful, memorable way. All of our licensed funeral directors are certified Celebrants, so they are trained to be able to make your service unique to you.



Q: What is a Keepsake Video Tribute?


A: A Keepsake Video Tribute is a video slideshow of photos you provide of your loved one, with music you select. All tributes are professionally created and formatted for high definition and widescreen formats. The video is displayed during the service and is also added to the online tribute on our website, so that friends and loved ones near and far may view it. These videos offer a powerful opportunity to create an environment in which your loved one’s life is celebrated, sharing a lifetime of memories through photos of the most important and joyful times of their lives.



Q: What Veteran honors does Loyless Funeral Home offer?


A: We are committed to honoring the dedicated veterans and service men and women who risk their lives for our country. We are proud to offer a range of special services for them including assistance with getting benefits, burial in a National Cemetery, grave markers, perpetual care, burial flags, and Presidential Memorial Certificates, and also arranging for the Color Guard to perform military honors.


We also coordinate a flag retirement program. When requested by the family, we will drape an unusable flag to be cremated with the veteran. The family will receive a certificate stating the last deed of service for that flag was to drape their veteran during the cremation process.



Q: I need a grave space or mausoleum crypt. What should I do?


A: Call us. Before trying to coordinate purchasing cemetery lots or mausoleum crypts, call us. There are many options to consider when selecting a final resting place and we can help you make an educated decision.



Q: Do I have to be buried at a cemetery that Loyless Funeral Home is affiliated with?


A: No. In fact, Loyless Funeral Home is not affiliated with any particular cemetery or memorial gardens and therefore can present you with unbiased information about what is available. We work with every cemetery in the area and can coordinate the details of your burial or inurnment with the cemetery you choose.



Q: How can I be certain that all of my loved one’s remains are returned to me? 


A: First, your loved one never leaves our care. We own and operate our own crematory, so we control every detail. The complete process is overseen from beginning to end by on-site, highly trained staff.



Q: Do you cremate only one body at a time? 


A: Not only is it our standard to do so, but it is the law. Our crematory is open for inspection. Just give us a call to schedule a tour.



Q: Do you also cremate pets?


A: No, we do not. Our single cremation unit is designed for cremating human remains only. We can provide referrals to reputable crematories offering this service.



Q: Do I need to identify my loved one’s body?


A: Many families wish to positively identify their loved one at the funeral home before the burial or cremation. This process offers a sense of comfort and reassurance. The opportunity is available but not required; other means of identifying the deceased are authorized.



Q: What do I do if a death occurs at night or on the weekend?


A:  Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call us at any time for assistance.



Q: What do I do if a death occurs at home? Who do I contact?


A: That depends. If the death was expected and hospice is present, the hospice representative will make the proper phone calls. If hospice is involved but not present at the time of death, call hospice.


If hospice is not involved, call non-emergency local law enforcement. They will be the first to arrive and then follow the proper protocol from there. They will advise when Loyless Funeral Home can be called for removal. 



Q: Is embalming necessary? 


A: NO, it is not, nor is it required by Florida law. However, the body should be refrigerated or embalmed within 24 hours of being deceased. We require embalming when planning a public viewing.



Q: Am I required to purchase a casket?


A: No, you are not required to purchase a casket. You may choose an Alternative Container for the cremation. We also have rental caskets available when choosing a private or public viewing. 



Q: How long does cremation take?


A: In Florida, every deceased to be cremated must be referred to the Medical Examiner and a mandated 48-hour waiting period is required. Loyless Funeral Homes will take care of getting the death certificate signed by a doctor, and will then forward it to the Medical Examiner for approval of the cremation process. Next of kin must also provide a signed cremation authorization form. Cremation is an irreversible process and, to protect everyone’s interests, clear intentions must be stated and documented. Once these are completed, the cremation may take place.



Q: Is cremation “greener”?


A: Cremation is a more environmentally-friendly option to traditional casket burial. Not only is it simple and practical, it’s also much more affordable. Cremations can save families money, time, and complexity—all while saving the environment.



Q: I’m Catholic. Can I be cremated?


A: Yes! Because traditional funeral rites are intended to honor the body of the deceased, it is still preferred by the Catholic Church that the physical body be present during Mass. After the traditional rites of the service have been performed, cremation is carried out. If the cremation has been completed, then the urn with the cremated remains inside must be present for the Mass.



Q: What are the final disposition options for cremated remains?


A: The options are virtually endless. We offer a number of final disposition options for cremated remains, including customized urns, scatterings, burials and more. More and more families are opting for special mementos, so that more than one family member may have a part of their loved one. These keepsakes include small urns, jewelry, glass globes, and other items; a small portion of the ashes are stored inside. 


Many people also like the idea of having their remains scattered in a special place. Families can scatter their loved one’s remains practically anywhere—on land, in the ocean or even in the air. Loyless Funeral Home can assist with any of these options. 




Q: Where may we scatter cremated remains?


A: You may have a scattering ceremony in a place that is meaningful to you and your loved one.  The scattering may take place nearly anywhere, as long as you have the permission of the property owner. 



Q: Can we travel on a plane with the ashes?


A: Yes. Some airlines provide the option of checking the remains just like you would with luggage. Others required them to be sent via cargo. International flights may have more requirements than domestic. You may need to bring the Cremation Certificate and/or Death Certificate. Contact the specific airline for their policy in advance to ensure everything is in order and you know what to expect. In any case, make sure to pack the container properly so everything arrives safely and intact. 



Q: Can arrangements be made in advance?


A: Yes. Pre-planning ensures your family won’t be left to plan and pay for your final expenses. By deciding the details now, you will save your family stress and heartache later. Plus, you’ll take comfort knowing your wishes will be followed down to the smallest detail. Pre-planning also allows you to lock in services and merchandise at today’s prices.



Q: Can pre-arrangements be made for cremation?


A: Yes. Pre-planning ensures your family won’t be left to plan and pay for your final expenses. By deciding the details now, you will save your family stress and heartache later. Plus, you’ll take comfort knowing your wishes will be followed down to the smallest detail. Pre-planning also allows you to lock in services and merchandise at today’s prices.



Q: Can I make pre-arrangements for someone else?


A: Yes. If it will be up to you to plan the funeral of your parent or another loved one, it’s a wise choice to start planning now. It ensures you won’t be left to hastily plan a funeral, guessing at what he or she would have wanted.



Q: How can I make pre-arrangements?


A: To schedule a free pre-planning consultation, call us at 813-996-6610 or get started today with our Online Pre-Arrangement form.