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Why Preplan Your Memorial? Here are Seven Super-Smart Reasons



Reason #1—Make sure your last hurrah is everything you’ve always imagined. 


Pre-planning your memorial allows you to record your exact wishes so your loved ones aren’t left second guessing. This is your chance to let everyone know exactly what you want, from the size and type of service to the music and food. Whether you prefer burial or cremation, a traditional funeral or a celebration of life, an Elvis-themed reception or a church service—when you plan ahead, you get to call all the shots.



Reason #2—Have a say in the memories you leave behind.


When you preplan your memorial, you get to decide how you’ll be remembered. Do you have certain fond memories, accomplishments, or hobbies? Whether you’re an avid fisherman, a proud soldier, a loving grandmother, or a dedicated philanthropist, this is your chance to make sure those moments and life achievements are showcased in your final farewell.



Reason #3—Remove burden from your family.


When you preplan, you relieve your loved ones from the hassle of planning your service during a painful time. What if they argue about what you wanted or struggle to pay for the service? Don’t put your loved ones in this stressful situation. When you plan ahead, you’ll take comfort in knowing your family can focus on what’s most important when the time comes: remembering, reminiscing, and healing.



Reason #4—Save now to save your family down the road.


After an unexpected death, the cost of a memorial can come as quite a shock to the family—and life insurance often isn’t enough to cover the expenses. Why not start planning and saving while you have the chance? Not only will this give you time to shop around and consider your options, but you’ll take comfort knowing your family won’t face financial strain down the road.



Reason #5—Avoid inflation by locking in today’s prices.


Back in 1960, the average funeral cost only $708. Today, that amount has skyrocketed to between $7,000 and $10,000. And the cost keeps rising right along with inflation. This is why it’s smart to plan ahead. When you prepay for your memorial, you’ll lock in today’s prices—which means you’ll save your loved ones a bundle down the road.



Reason #6—You can always change your mind.


The nice thing about preplanning is it isn’t set in stone. You aren’t stuck with your original decisions once you sign on the dotted line. If you change your mind at any point in time, you can revise your wishes. We can even transfer your plan to another funeral home if you happen to move.



Reason #7—Your wishes will be honored.


You might be wondering if preplanning is a waste of time. After all, what if the funeral home changes owners? Not to worry. Once you record your wishes with us, our top priority is to carry out your final wishes.


Click here to download or print the Seven Reasons Flyer.




Ready to get smart and start planning?


You can use our Pre-Planning Form to begin creating your personalized arrangements. You can also contact us to schedule a time to meet with a member of our staff to discuss your options and design your plan in person. 


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